Bob Ross Drinking and Painting Party

Bob Ross is loved by everyone. The dulcet tones of his broadcasted tutorials soothed Americans for more than 30 years and showed the country how to paint bucolic works of art. Now, Bob Ross is back after 22 years from the release of, “The Joy of Painting,” – his beloved show.

Happy Little Cocktails for Your Bob Ross Drink-and-Paint Party | Bob ross paintings, Bob ross, The joy of painting

In the month of June, Netflix added Ross’ “Beauty is Everywhere” to its lineup of available to stream movies and TV shows. It is a limited series from the early 1990s.

And now you can watch The Joy of Painting like it is airing for the first time, thanks to the official YouTube channel of the late painter, a fresh episode is added to the channel every day.

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting : Bob Ross : 9780789332974

Bob Ross is making drink game, the drink-and-paint – a  gathering which is the best way to welcome the artist’s comeback to the screen. Invite a number of guests over, load up your Netflix account, prepare your palette and canvas, and don’t forget to serve up any happy little drinks.

Just like Bob Ross – vibrant and full of personality, these choices pair well with the soothing sounds of the big-haired artist painting a seascape or scenery or a woods.  Are you pleased to party? Let’s “put some excitement in the world”, the star of the moment says with the following drinking and painting game rules:

Bob Ross Drinking Game - YouTube

On this Bob Ross drinking game, take a drink while Bob…

  • Talks on just how beautiful a color is
  • Wants to clean his brush
  • Talks of how much he enjoys cleaning his brush
  • Paints with something other than a brush
  • Goes on to say “That is all there is to it”
  • Tries to tell you not to think about something which you’re painting too much
  • States “Ok, let’s do have fun”

Finish your drink at this Bob Ross painting party once he…

  • Assures you that you CAN do it (have to justify Bob right)
  • Is encouraged to paint something he initially had no intention of including
  • Paints with the use of his finger
  • Done with his artwork (Now everyone’s managed to finish!)

Now that the rules have been laid, here are the Bob Ross drink, the four perfect cocktails to play with.


Prosecco Peach Bellini - Irena Macri | Food Fit For Life

The Bellini was inspired by a painting at the home of bartender Giuseppe Cipriani, making it a suitable fit for a paint-and-drink marathon session. Not only is the stunning peachy-orange color of the cocktail reminiscent of one of Ross’ sunsets, but the low ABV of the Bellini making it the perfect beverage to match with an hours-long Bob Ross binge.


Bramble Cocktail - How To Make A Bramble Cocktail

The ideal cocktail to enjoy each time Ross breaks to a video of his cute pet squirrel named Peapod is a happy little Bramble. A float of blackberry liqueur over a soothing combination of gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup gives the cocktail its name. Ross may make the painting look simple, but it is completely foolproof to make one of these sweet-tart drinks.

Midori Sour

Sweet and Sour Midori Sour Recipe - Baking Beauty

We would be remiss to omit the cocktail equivalent of the happy little trees of Ross: the Midori Sour. Yeah, in the cocktail world, the bright green beverage is considered a little gauche, but we urge you to enjoy the adventure. As Ross says, “Just go out and talk to a tree”, in The Joy of Painting. Build friendships with that thing. There is nothing wrong with making a tree as a friend.” The same goes for a Midori Sour making it a friend.


If you see the Aviation violet on Ross’ palette, we presume he’d use it to shed shade on any fluffy little clouds or accent a foamy sea pounding against a beach. But do not misinterpret the delicate color of the cocktail for weakness. This gin-based, floral cocktail packs a potent, boozy punch. Fortunately, Ross would tolerate some unintended brushstrokes: “We’re not making mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bottoms up.

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