Lizzo Boyfriend: Who is Lizzo Dating 2021?

Ending the year with 8 Grammy nominations, Lizzo broke through the spotlight and set records with her smashing, third studio album Cuz I Love You! We know and love her from her explosive single “Reality Hurts” which spent 7 weeks at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100.

But who else has known and loved her before she stepped into the spotlight? In “Truth Hurts” the talented singer alludes to a “new man on the Minnesota Vikings!” Now that Lizzo’s powerhouse sound is one of the most popular in America. For all of her songs about love, sex, and heartbreak, many fans are left wondering, who has Lizzo given her heart to?

Before Lizzo was the rambunctious, merry, confident singer as we know her, she was Melissa Vivianne Jefferson, just a regular teenage student, your average Sally. She describes it in her Teen Vogue story, “When I was in high school, I used to be a big girl with a cute face. So dudes liked me secretly, but they didn’t like me publicly. I never had a boyfriend because they didn’t want to claim me.” Awww, don’t worry Lizzo! All of those boys who secretly liked you are definitely claiming you loud and proud now! But too little too late, they’ll never get the time of day anymore. Now doesn’t that make you feel good as hell.

In June of 2018, Lizzo and Chris Evans engaged in a playful twitter banter, initiated by Evans, escalated by Lizzo. Lizzo posted a video of a dancing teen and said, “Rare footage of me as a childfollowed by a dancing lady in purple dress emoji.

Evans quoted Lizzo and said, This child is cooler than I could ever hope to be.” To which Lizzo responded cheerfully, “wow marry me”. Followed by a crooked mouth emoji. See for yourselves! Lizzo certainly is bold in her romantic endeavors! We’d certainly swoon over a possible Lizzevans, or Chrizzo.

Two months earlier, in April of 2019, Lizzo appeared on the Trevor Noah Show, wearing a revealing low cut neon red shirt dress and emerald earrings, looking dazzling and delicious.

In the comment section of a YouTube clip, viewers are closely speculating and encouraging a love affair between the two stars. Trevor Noah can be observed flirting with and enjoying Lizzo very much. See for yourselves!

Aside from numerous brave and public attempts at capturing her shot at various eligible bachelors, Lizzo has stayed single during her rise to fame. She’s a catch for sure, with “Truth Hurts” being nominated for Record of the Year, Music of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Lizzo is also up for five other Grammy’s, so it’s pretty safe to say that she definitely isn’t lacking anything. Although she’s single, Lizzo is still in a committed relationship with herself. She regularly preaches self-care and is dedicated to spreading body positivity and empowerment.

Lizzo boyfriend 2020: Is Lizzo’s boyfriend on the Vikings?

It reignited interest in the 31-year-old’s love life because of the lyric, “Fresh photos with the bomb lighting/New man on the Minnesota Vikings.” This mystery boyfriend from her hometown inspired her to write a record-breaking song, ‘Truth Hurts,’ that mentions a “new man on the Minnesota Vikings.” So does it apparently mean that Lizzo’s boyfriend is on the vikings? Lizzo is very private about her dating life, and the truth is, we may never know who exactly her songs are referring to. So we’ll wait and see who this myterious man is!



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