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Sports commentator and Undisputed co-host, a gifted pass-receiver, Shannon Sharpe spent 14 seasons, in which he had been chosen to 8 Pro Bowls and won 3 Super Bowl rings, with the Broncos in 1997 and’98, and the Ravens in 2000.

Shannon Sharpe Twitter

His accomplishments won Sharpe an enthronement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the year 2011, as he delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech acknowledging and appreciating the influence of both his brother and grandmother on him. On Sharpe’s address, his big and humble heart was revealed to the world by the tight end known for big talk and big play-making.

Shannon Sharpe, a pro football with a great career statistical rundown, yet what really distinguished him from his peers was his personality. For 14 seasons, he made his presence felt verbally, becoming one of the biggest shit talkers in the game. Sharpe’s personality has made him a television celebrity long before it became his job.

Shannon Sharpe Twitter

Sharpe embraced the memes and has become one of the sports’ most powerful voices. He has been a walking meme which has made him stand out as an outstanding analyst. He established a second career as a viral sensation that transformed him into one of the leading voices in sports.

The uniqueness of the evolution of Sharpe into a meme is that it occurred naturally. Memes are stolen moments used with pinpoint accuracy to capture a situation’s mood, and when are drawn from the genuine material, they work brilliantly.

Shannon Sharpe Twitter

His frankness, along with the conviction that drives the numerous memes, can only shine because freedom has been given to Sharpe that he has not taken for granted. And he has welcomed the jokes together with the platform he is in.

“The platform gives me an opportunity to talk about everything, from sports to social issues,” he said. “It allows me to be me.”

Shannon Sharpe Twitter Meme is more than just funny as he is no stranger to memes. They have been an impactful piece of pop culture by one of the sports media’s most genuine and incisive individuals. Sharpe’s laid-back, off-the-cuff ‘That Ain’t No Problem’ response is perhaps the most popular meme on the internet and was burning up Twitter.

Shannon Sharpe


That happened when Sharpe’s voice went to its upper register while talking over something on the Fox Sports 1 show as he said, “That ain’t no problem!” over and over again and so a meme was born.

The memes Sharpe has inspired – from the way he says “SKIP” in Uno, to his marked expression of disdain and elevated-pitched “That ain’t no problem” in reaction to extra credit assignments and the joy of washed adults in breaking plans, are cut from instances in which Sharpe is merely being himself.

The naturally meme-able character of Sharpe does far more than entertain.

Few years ago, Antonio Brown Shannon Sharpe twitter went noisy when the two continued to trade shots. In the middle of hammering out tweets that expressed his dissatisfaction with the NFL, Brown chose to resurface sexual harassment allegations that were made against Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe


In a now-deleted tweet, Antonio Brown said, “Shannon Sharp the funny guy on TV still after this.” Sharpe reacted by likening AB’s actions to that of rapper-turned-informant 6ix9ine.

Shannon Sharpe’s view of Antonio Brown is quite obvious. In the last few weeks, before this happened, the Hall-of-Famer/TV host attacked Brown over a string of highly publicized scandals, including the sexual harassment charges leveled against the former Patriot.

Shannon Sharpe

Twitter users have however criticized Sharpe over the commentary, saying he has no position to criticize Brown over the harassment allegations.

“Bro @ShannonSharpe you really starting to annoy the hell out of me with all this AB talk,” one person tweeted. “Like chill bro you know for a fact that this could very well be a lie but you running with it like you saw what happen…”

Sharpe retorted, asking whether the Twitter user also was “annoyed” by Brown’s behavior by questioning, “Do you have that same energy for AB’s behavior or just me for pointing it out?”

Shannon Sharpe

He again replied to the same tweet saying, “I wished AB’s behavior annoyed you as much as me talking about it does. Be mad at the weather not the weather man telling you about.”

Shannon Sharpe Twitter family guy goes on to explain that he doesn’t hate Brown, and that he’s just pointing out his self-destructive actions. He even stated that several of his criticism has come from “AB apologists” who refuse to keep Brown responsible.

Sharpe then finished his Twitter storm with a meme aimed at his critics.

Antonio Brown Twitter rant: AB comments on Shannon Sharpe, fires back at 'Clowntonio'

Just recently, the seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady posted a one-minute video compiling numerous criticisms about his performance and his age. The words blended with Super Bowl LV video clips, newspaper and website headlines, and tweets from random users.

One voice heard in the said video is that of Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports 1. Never been one to take himself too seriously, Sharpe states he’s not at all upset at the jab. He is actually delighted to hear that the GOAT is paying attention to what he has to say. He was happy that Tom Brady used his comments as encouragement.

“I have no problem with Tom using what I said as motivation. I’m going to stand by what I said because at the time, I was correct. But Tom, I appreciate that bruh, you got ya boy famous.” This is Shannon Sharper’s response to Brady.

What is important to Sharpe is that Undisputed attracts publicity in the end. He concluded the segment by expressing his gratitude to Brady for making him famous.

Another video of a young kid speaking shit to Cam Newton at a football camp is going viral on the internet, specifically on social media. In the video, Newton was called out by the young camper to be a free agent, stating that the former NFL MVP is going to be poor. On Shannon Sharpe Twitter, he expressed his blunt response to the video.

“Cam should’ve asked him to leave. Kid thinks he’s being funny, cute, but he’s being super disrespectful. This isn’t the 1st time kid has gotten outta pocket with an adult. Remember our parents would say behave be respectful when dropping us off somewhere. I miss that. SAD,” he tweeted.

It seems most NFL fans agree with Sharpe. Trash speech may be a part of athletics, but it was clearly off the mark and insensitive in this situation.

After a 14-year career as Hall-of-Famer at the National Football League, Shannon Sharpe has become a social media favorite, going viral for his antics and sports criticism, and now says he is slowing down a little. What he does is for fun now, whereas before, everything used to be about the ability to survive.

“I do wonder sometimes, am I doing enough help my community? Think I should start a business where I can donate more to my community. Time and monetarily. What should I start?” is the recent tweet on Shannon Sharpe official twitter.


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