Has Taylor Swift performed at the super bowl?

The halftime Super Bowl show is part of the year’s most-watched TV event. It can sometimes be viewed longer than the game itself, which is the reason why the choice of the performer is crucial.It is the largest stage in the country, and the countrymen deserve an amazing show after the year we all had. Has Taylor Swift performed at the super bowl?

Has Taylor Swift performed at the super bowl

Having to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl is a feather in every artist’s cap, a career achievement indicating that they’ve hit the big time across the board and a number of performers are ready to hit and be a part of the biggest stage in entertainment.

Here and there, people are asking, “Has Taylor Swift sung at the Super Bowl?” First, let’s dig into why she deserves to appear in the half-time show. Taylor Swift is an outstanding artist and performer.

She has hits, she has been performing in stadiums for years. Her choice of songs is fluffy and enjoyable, and she’s got a big catalog to her credit. You can check out her reputation stadium tour on the most-watched Netflix. She’s got fireworks, screens, and dancers.

 Taylor Swift

Swift is also known to sing songs that cater to everyone because of her cross-genre music. She can cater to the public and matches the ideal middle ground of excitement. Could anyone imagine what she could offer to the Super Bowl as she performs?

Do you think she needs the gig? Certainly not, and over the past few years, Swift has apparently been focused on doing stuff on her own terms while trying to limit her time in the limelight.

That being said, she is still undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the music industry and one of the biggest music stages is offered by the Super Bowl. Has Taylor Swift ever performed at the super bowl? Who is to say the temptation would not be there, with a load of new songs that she has yet to perform live?

 Taylor Swift

Whether you love Taylor Swift or hate her, everybody knows she can definitely put on a show. She had an endless parade of her famed friends and fellow entertainers with her star-studded tours. Just imagine the number of guests she would be able to take with her on the Super Bowl stage.

So, has Taylor Swift ever done at the Super Bowl? Out of the stars in the running, it’s quite shocking that Taylor Swift, arguably one of America’s best musical performers, never performed at the halftime show.

taylor Swift at the super bowl

People are surprised that she really didn’t perform at the super bowl. But how come Taylor Swift wasn’t a Super Bowl performer? Who turned down Super Bowl halftime show?

It comes down to sponsorships: Pepsi is producing the halftime show, and since she launched her Red album, Taylor has had a deal with Coke, more specifically, Diet Coke. Pepsi is funding the show probably until next year, so in 2023 Taylor could have her opportunity. She will be waiting on the sidelines until then. So, as much as that would please her avid fans, it would be a violation of the contract.

taylor Swift at the super bowl

We need something major to remind us that we are all in this together, after this pandemic and other craziness going on across the globe. Music is one means we can be together, and that is where Taylor can be a great help.

She’s got many famous Grammys and awesome music that makes you want to get up and dance! Starting from “Shake it off”, to “I knew you were trouble”, her music is simply amazing!

With this, people often ask, “has Taylor Swift ever played at the Super Bowl?” With fingers crossed, hopefully, she can be seen performing live at the Super Bowl halftime show soon as it would be the next logical move in her quest for world domination.


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